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Album Debut “BAD IN BED” by @flaviyake

29 July 2017 POP

Flaviyake is a Pop artist, songwriter and producer known for reinventing herself in music videos. Her artist name is coming from her real name Flavia and part of a Japanese name “yake” (from Issey Miyake, her favorite fashion designer). Originally she is from Moldova and now based in Los Angeles. She has given a lot of live shows in London, where she also played on BBC6 Music Radio.

After releasing over 10 singles and an acoustic EP, she put out her debut album “Bad in Bed” on June 8. The album concept is freedom of women’s feelings expression. After reading many articles on women’s websites telling what a woman should not text or say to a man about her feelings, Flaviyake decided to voice her woman feelings in the album.

The first three songs on the album “So Hard to Say”, “Numb in Love” and “Bad in Bed” express those submissive women’s feelings and fantasies, the women’s natural desire to be taken with power, which not every woman is open to confess. “Bad in Bed” is talking about that beast in a man that makes a woman feel submissive.

“Bad in Bed” album is also her first release as a producer. Seven songs on the album were fully produced by Flaviyake.

There is a song on the album that is standing out from the main theme – “Alive”. The song sounds like a love story and broken relationship, but the real meaning was hidden on purpose. Flaviyake is telling what it feels like living next to someone who is suffering from depression, which is a serious disease and not just a bad mood. The song was written one week before her mother took her life and the bridge was written afterwards, which is hidden in the lines “If you decide to fly, never fall on the ground”.

“I’m Not Getting Older” produced by DJ Fredy Muks is about the new generation of people who are constantly growing in their knowledge and life experience. Every year we are getting better, not older.

The album artwork was designed by Los Angeles based designers Alex Knell and Carver Koella based the Flavia’s concept. She thought that using an erotic photo for this type of album would be too obvious and cheesy, and so she decided to make an artwork with the actual title and put BDSM devices over the letters.

Funny facts about Flaviyake: she owns a piece of the infamous Lady Gaga’s raw meat dress; Instagram didn’t allow Flaviyake to promote “Bad in Bed” album artwork as it was considered as adult content.

Spotify https://open.spotify.com/album/4Xc4iMssJIT7wXGn75Cc9m

Official website www.flaviyake.com
Email: flaviyake@me.com

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