LOYALTY – Does it expire?


We all have our Loyalties, like rooting for the home team, family, friends aka ‘Day 1’s’, street gangs (affiliations or none), religion, country and my personal favorite, black jelly beans (My Precious). We swear allegiance to never falter in our defense and support of these things but… Is there ever a time where we are justified and allowed to make the dastardly act of betrayal, turning our backs on the very things we profess to love?

Every reason has a season. Change is constant. Time waits for no man. We are all familiar with or guilty of reciting one of these quotes a hand full of times in our lives. When it comes to LOYALTY do these same phrases apply? My best friend told me of a situation where his mother didn’t stand up for him when he was growing up dealing with the harsh treatment hurled out by her new husband. To this day he doesn’t get along with his step father, yet when they need money or something done he is there to do the job to the best of his ability every time. He provides money and time eagerly when asked even though he is not in the local area. In my opinion, this speaks volumes for this mans character. I still question in my mind, does his treatment justify the loyalty that he is showing by respecting the position his step father holds in his mother’s life?

I can only speak for myself, but I can tell you he is a better man than me. I am one of the most ‘LOYAL-EST’ people you will ever meet. If I have it and we roll like that, you have it. Period. However, I can cut people off with a quickness once I see disloyal behavior and for disloyal acts. Respect is given to those who respect me and so is my loyalty. My LOYALTY does not expire but it can surely be rescinded.

Hello my name is Dallas NowWhat and I am 1 week sober.

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